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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

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May 29, 2008

If you live on the Gold Coast you either know a Corby or know someone who knows a Corby. You're obliged to know for sure whether they're a drug dealing family or not regardless of whether you're interested in either drugs or the Corby family. I've never met an actual Corby and have doubts about the claims of many people who say they have, but I'm on Mercedes' side here. Channel Seven has been found guilty of defamation for claiming she was a drug dealer on that monument to journalistic integrity, Today Tonight. Go, the Supreme Court.

ANZ has officially pulled out of the Gunns Pulp Mill deal. They're not saying why, but it would be nice to think that even contemplating funding the thing brought such bad publicity that a bank was afraid of the public backlash. No Lennon, no ANZ, no public credibility and hopefully no mill. Go, public opinion. Even if that wasn't what made the bank think twice, it should have been.

But wait, there's more.

The Irwin family does about as much for me as the Corby one, but I hope they win this. Federal government money went towards buying this whopping great chunk of virgin dirt supposedly in the interests of keeping it virgin, like an innocent pubescent girl. But like pretty much any other government gift, it comes with strings attached. In this case the big bad wolf, or arty photographer (same thing), takes the form of a mining company, which changes everything where appropriateness is concerned. Where's the public outrage when a bit of virgin land is getting perved at and clearly in for a good ravishing? Have we so quickly forgotten the great, self sacrificing Australian that was Steve Irwin who dedicated his life to saving us all from the culturally incompatible bauxite miners? Come on Land Council, you can do it.

And those other self sacrificing Australians the Australian Federal Police. What about them. Don't we care? After they've gone to so much trouble over publicity and all, you'd think we'd be more grateful. "It's very hard to present what we actually do" says Keelty, contemplating a promotional video and delighting Australian YouTubers. I don't know about that. We saw what you do with the Haneef thing. And the magnificent security setup for the APEC OPEC meeting. And when you went out of your way to protect Australians with the Bali Nine event. When it comes to terrorism you've given us a fair idea of who and what we should be terrified of.

Justice is a funny old thing. It's relative really, when you think about it.

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Speaking of Irwins and arty photographers and child exploiters generally ... I wonder if our Prim Minister finds global exhibitions of a performing 8 year old to make a bazillion dollars as revolting as I do?

Oh wait, that's right, she's mature for her age and has given informed consent so it's all OK.

Good old Bindi, Prime Ministerial favourite.

Funny how our outrage alarms are tripped by some kinds of maturity and not others. But I agree, she's the prime example of a kid being deprived of childhood for the personal gain of adults.