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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

Jon Cleese on Sarah Palin « Previous | |Next »
October 15, 2008

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 8:04 PM | | Comments (10)


I read a big shift in public thinking. People fear the darkness the unknown most. Though the polls do no show it I feel the people will be skeptical at the booths at the pen stage towards Obama now we have a recession in the U.S.
I base that on Obama's colour and the way white america is.

Different story here and to his credit St Ruddulous has engaged the red suit early. Many in retailing have their fingers on the ejector seat button including one big name that may go pre xmas. Thats how bad it is. People are spending in the below $100 shops but not above.

As for the video. famous people always think their political opinions are wonderful.

I just been so waiting for someone to identify Sarah as Michael's daughter.
Not here, but Cleese never fails on the real game. The final comment is an enduring victory for grumpyhood for any time.

Oddly enough, am almost inclined to agree with Les on one issue.
Rudd has done basically the right thing, but just today there just a little glimpse of smugness creeping in. Things go too easy for too long, there is a surprise. We have all been finding out what twists and turns there might be when we don't expect them just lately and it might apply to him also, unless he is careful.
For my part, they would not be impressed with what I think of them for the winding back of Radio National; I don't beleive civilisations become or stay great riding on the back of enforced ignorance.

He isnt saying anything new. If it wasnt coming from John Cleese's mouth that would be uninteresting.

If you haven't seen "Palin as President" yet then check my blog. It's a gem.

maybe. But the 'parrot reading the speech' is a good dig at politicians who only read what their speechwriters write for them. It is a dig at Palin who is seen by movement conservatives as the best thing the Republicans have got going for them. It was McCain's smartest move. A dig because her job is to she stir up fear and prejudice on cue amongst her white American base ---the Joe Six Packs and the hockey moms --- in order to inflame tensions and create greater polarization in the electorate.

Yes, Nan. You got it.

there have been two principal tactics urged by the tacticians on the Right: -- the promotion of Palin and turning Obama into a radical-Communist-Muslim-Terrorist. This is Bill Kristol's two-pronged plan or strategy and Palin is the attack dog. For the Weekly Standard crowd:

Character is a legitimate issue. Obama hasn't shown much in the way of leadership or political courage, and he's consorted with dubious figures. It's fair to ask whether Barack Obama is personally trustworthy enough to be president, and the McCain campaign shouldn't be intimidated from going there.

Laughter and parrot speak is a clever way to undercut her attack/demonization/race-baiting role in the Republican echo-chamber.

They---the dominant faction of the Right--- increasingly look like an out of control Right wing fringe consumed with resentment, bitterness, and conspiracy-theorizing. Maybe McCain's straight talking express can turn things around.

The American commentators are saying that Wednesday night is McCain's last big chance to reach a wide national audience without the media filter.

"As for the video. famous people always think their political opinions are wonderful."

Indeed, Churchill,King, Newton,Shakespear, to name a few.

But hey who cares?

At the end of the day don't we all take on other peoples opinions, crunch the numbers in our own mind, and then viola! a new opinion?

I would have thought that most original thinking patterns, probably comes from the people that invent whole new paradigms of thought process, but who knows?

Ah but back to Palin, the only capacity this women should be employed in, is in the capacity of possibly the White House head cleaner.

John Cleese has this women sussed to be sure.She will not be going to the White House,as anything but a maid possibly, and I will take any bets with anyone.

After the elections in the U.S. the Republicans may just be able to hold their meetings in a telephone box.Any other outcome will be a travesty of democracy.

The republicans should never have been allowed to run anything more complicated, than a pub chook raffle.

What was it Harry S Truman said? "The buck stops here" Of course over the last eight years that's probably about 10 cents now.