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NSW by elections « Previous | |Next »
October 18, 2008

It would appear that the dysfunctional Rees Government in NSW is going to suffer some body blows from voters wielding baseball bats in the byelections in the safe seats of Cabramatta, Lakemba and Ryde. Huge swings are expected.

And why not.This is an incompetent corrupt state government that does not deserve to be in power. An example. As the Sydney Morning Herald says:

Supplies are so scarce at Dubbo Base Hospital that it is borrowing bandages from the local vet...Just three weeks ago, a doctor had to use $770 of his own money to buy reagent for urgent blood tests because the hospital had run out of credit with the supplier, while endoscopies have had to be rescheduled for lack of sterilisation fluid. There are also routine shortages of such basics as surgical gloves and garbage bags. This would not be acceptable in a clinic in a remote corner of a Third World country, let alone at a 134-bed teaching hospital in a major regional centre of NSW.

The reason for the lack of supplies is that NSW Health does not pay the bills. This is not an isolated case. The Herald says that tens of millions of dollars are currently outstanding to suppliers from half of the state's area health services: Greater Western (covering Dubbo), Northern Sydney/Central Coast, South Eastern Sydney/Illawarra and Greater Southern. Patient safety is compromised by a refusal to pay bills by the NSW Health Department since many suppliers now refuse to grant credit to NSW hospitals.

NSW Health refuses to reveal how much it owes. It's crisis management response is to gag its area health services. Presumably NSW Health has no money or it is incompetent. Either way the NSW Government deserves to be thrown from office.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 9:06 AM | | Comments (15)


I've read that the NSW Government has written off Ryde, the seat held by former deputy premier John Watkins, which is on a margin of more than 10%.

So the swings are expected to be greater than 10%. The Labor brand is in real trouble in Sydney.

Lakemba, vacated by the former premier Morris Iemma, haas a margin of 34% and Cabramatta, which was occupied by former minister Reba Meagher, has a margin of 29%. They are expected to be held as they swing against Labor is expected to be around 20%.

20%? Does it get any worse?

nope. They are dead meat. The flesh is already rotting. Cost cutting is the norm. John della Bosca, the new Health Minister, is talking about more cuts to health for the November 11 mini-budget, cos of the need to trim more than $1 billion from its annual budget to drag the state's finances back in the black.

Why not run a deficit? Its recession time in NSW.

Maybe they don't want to be in power any more.

I 've said previously as to NSW, why can't a federal package be used to bail out fellow Australians in NSW, via the solving some of the NSW governments human services problems, so it can operate effectively at the basic level, if the NSW standard of living is falling so far behind every one elses (well, that seems to be the underlying message as to NSW comment these days!)?
Is it right to punish people because their economy is not blessed with the good resource benefits of other states like WA, in a rapidly changing world?

My my,
and I was thinking Labor was starting to look a good thing.
Must be just about time for the Melbourne Cup eh?

all that matters to the NSW Labor Right is that they are in power. They don't care that they have should use this power to improve things for people in NSW---they just want power.

The swings against them were large so we will see more suicide tendencies over the next two years.

Things are moving against Labor federally if they--the state governments --- are just on cruise control. The Stanhope Govt in the ACT looks like it will become a minority government with the Greens holding the balance of power. I watched them last night and 'arrogant' certainly applies to ACT Labor. They have done very little that is positive or moving to make Canberra a more sustainable city.

So they suffered a 9% swing by an educated electorate that wants more than cost cutting and arrogance. Hence the turn to the community based Greens.

the problem with NSW is the incompetent government and that is largely caused by the Right wing factions. If they were a local council they would have been sacked for the level of incompetence shown around health care.

If the NSW right only cares about staying in power they've got a funny way of going about it.

The Greens must be chuffed about the ACT outcome.

the factions in NSW Labor have turned on themselves to save their own skin. They have yet to put the party before the faction.

The ACT has witnessed the fall of the first government in 20 years of ACT self-government in which the governing party had an absolute majority of seats in the Assembly. People in Canberra are comfortable with minority governments. As the Canberra Times says:

Most Canberra people will favourably regard a minority outcome, Labor or Liberal, because when chief ministers indeed, all ministers must continually look over their shoulders to assess support in the Assembly, much more thinking and strategy goes into decisions. Likewise, minority status invariably enhances the committee processes of ACT government, and increases citizen participation in it.

And the record shows that minority government tends to increase the overall quality of representation and debate if only because every vote counts, and those who want to influence members must pay close attention not only to what party policies say, but what members say.

ACT Labor is controlled by the left faction. We will see how effective they and the Greens are in helping the ACT respond to climate change. Action on this issue is one reason why the shift in support went from Labor to Greens.

Gary, you see it as processive, like a boil lanced or crook tooth pulled.
Reached the stage of no pain, no gain?
Think the shock of opposition would provide a genuine opportunity for finally busting the NSW right, or are there too many others who benefit by the the NSW Right, for it to be excised?

I see that Labor strategists in NSW are waking up to political reality---a 2011 state election win for the Rees Government is virtually impossible after the biggest byelection swing against Labor in postwar history. So their strategy is to minimize the extent of the loss to prevent a bloodbath.

The future of the Rees Government is bleak, even before it has to deal with the looming economic downturn that will hit Sydney hard.

the NSW by election was more than a chance for voters to "lance the Iemma boil". Labor has low chance of winning the next state election.

The hard heads in ther party know that. But changing leaders is not enough to turn things around.

Another example of the corruption of NSW Labor.