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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

political satire: Sarah Palin « Previous | |Next »
October 21, 2008

From Saturday Night Live. An interview with Governor Palin after the advert which has been sneaked in.

There is a classic moment here in which "Palin" just loses it in explaining how the Republicans will deal with the financial/economic crisis. She tangle herself up in knots and then just gives up. Classic. Another video in the Saturday Night Live's Tina Fey Palin impersonation series is here on junk for code.

It is a common liberal media trope---also found amongst some Republicans --- to see Palin as exemplifying an anti-intellectual strand of American politics, and its ascendancy on the right as the conservatives continuing the Bush war against liberalism in the name of “common sense”. That Republican commons sense holds that Republican America is pro-America and equals real America. Democratic America is alien and impure. It is anti-American.

That opens a window to the political unconscious of the American right. In this unconscious, given expression by Palin, socialism has become another code word like "liberal," for being "anti-American." On the surface socialist stands for Democrats wanting to increase the role of government, raise taxes, increase spending and strangle the free market with overbearing regulation. This would resonate with the Republican base but would fall flat when the government tis intervening to help with the economic challenges facing the country.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 8:50 AM | | Comments (3)


The latest news is that the Republicans have let it be known that they were pulling out of New Mexico, Colorado and Iowa. They are going to make their stand in taking a Democrat state in Pennsylvania, which is running between 10% ahead for Obama.

Desperate days ahead.

It's quite simple.
America is an empire that legitimises itself through a so-called democratic process by which the local plebs are asked,in return for bread and circuses, to endorse policies that affect billions of others elewhere effectively disenfranchised (eg exploited third world), instead.
Lyn, elsewhere has been examining this, I think.
I find the Roman republic/Empire notion fine.
What happens if the rest of the world, in effect, says "no taxation without representation", tho?
So the US has tried to tie the rest of the world in by making middle classes across the world partners in capitalism, at the expense of the global masses.
But this has been at the cost of US jobs exported to new collaborators offshore tomake them viable and because of cost effectiveness.
The Crackers know full-well what's at stake and want a return on their legitimising endorsements of the system. They are complicit, reasoning by way of their unhappy experiences with neoliberalism over the last generation, that they are in strife if they get a liberal globaliser rather than a conservative "Hansonist" who will reward them by slowing the processes of neoliberalism; a different sort of political marriage of the Athenian Cleisthenian kind, at odds with the conflicting international globalism partnerships.
This is the essence of the clash between neoconservatism with realism and neoliberalism.

Just in case you haven't already posted it, here's a link to the vice presidential debate parody video - political satire at its best.