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October 1, 2008

Foreign Policy asks: Should a country be allowed to temporarily violate another country’s sovereignty to go after, say, wanted terrorists or war criminals?

It would appear that “hot pursuit” is becoming just another component of the U.S. rules of engagement, which spell out when, where and how force can be applied. Apparently U.S. forces do not need the approval of the Pakistani government “to pursue, either with fires or on the ground, across the border.”

In the face of escalating violence the United States is determined to increase its forces in Afghanistan while it extends the war into the west of Pakistan.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 8:35 PM | | Comments (2)


Finding himself unable to break any more rules in his own country, Bush decides to visit new horrors upon an even wider range of people in other countries.

He can't be gone soon enough.

Well, we just saw an example of this "exceptionalism" employed by Palin in the veep debate, as a rallying point for the heartland.
But don't forget, exceptionalism is botoxed in positive terminology by its isolationist and denialist proponents.
Americans are led to think its still about good ol'America saving a benighted world, rather than frightened people and imperialist masters subjugating others "for their own good" when its actually for Americans "own good".