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Afghanistan: pressure builds « Previous | |Next »
January 28, 2009

The pressure is building to do something about the forgotten war in Afghanistan. There is an increase in the flow of information through the media from the American talking heads about the "deteriorating situation" in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and idea of Australia sending more troops to Afghanistan. Will the "surge" strategy" in Afghanistan under Obama represent a new start? Or will it be the continuation of old policies even though Bush's "war on terror" has been displaced by liberal internationalism?


The Predator attacks over Pakistani territory will continue and there is ta doubling of the US troop level in Afghanistan to 60,000. This is what Obama said he'd do during during the campaign. It looks like more troops in Afghanistan is to make it easier to guard threatened supply-lines, while at the same time allowing more forces to be available in an effort to curb the extension of Taliban influence in the regions and their control over opium production.

Will Washington cut Afghan President Hamid Karzai adrift in the name of regime change? Or will Kabul try to get out of Washington's stranglehold?

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 7:20 AM | | Comments (4)


If the US calls for Australia to send more troops to Afghanistan, then we need to to go to our friends and support them in their hour of need. There is no choice.

So say the little Americans like Kim Beazley.

Jeez Nan you nearly irritated the hell outa me as I read your first sentence .
And then I read the second.

I was flying over Afghanistan a few months ago, looks spectacular from up high. Looked out the window atthe back of the plane.
So I said "Hey love come and look at this, its Afghanistan" and the bloke next to me said "There's Taliban down there" and the bloke next to him said "And Afghani people".
We left before we said anything.

The pressure from the US is building on Australia to send more troops to Afghanistan. Not many are saying no.

doesn't the bloke in the plane realize that the Taliban are Afghan as well? They are fighting the American foreigners like they did the Soviets in the 1980s. It's their land not ours.