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Coalition moves on climate change « Previous | |Next »
January 26, 2009

The Coalition has finally moved beyond moving beyond denial and delay on climate change to understanding taking action on climate change as good risk management and insurance that could lead to economic benefits.

It's three part climate change policy would offset greenhouse gases by biosequestration capturing and storing large quantities of carbon in soil and vegetation, include measures to encourage improved energy efficiency in buildings where Turnbbull says 23 per cent of greenhouse gases originate and increase investment in new technologies such as clean coal.


The second strand, encouraging improved energy efficiency in buildings, is an area where the Rudd Government, has not done much about--ignored even. So they are back in the game; a game however, that is based on continuing to protect and subsidise coal and keep renewable energy at the margins.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 6:46 AM | | Comments (4)


Some of what Turnbull proposed re changed land use practice, won’t go down that well with the Nationals -- particularly the section about growing more trees

Doesn't Turnbull require an effective ETS to provide the broader incentive framework for renewable energy and efficiency measure? Making carbon emissions more expensive encourages the search for alternative clean energy.

Not sure that Big Business is going to think much of it. Judging from the Roundtable for the Business Council of Australia in the AFR they--the BCA--- are all steamed up about state-based regulation, the dismantling of Workchoices, and making Australia more internationally competitive.

They talk about keeping the reform momentum going but not include an emissions trading scheme or shifting to renewable energy as part of the reform process. Reform is about increasing competitiveness.

Well something has got to be done given this avoidance of a gross feed in tariff for solar energy by the Brumby Government in Victoria.

the economic crisis could be the catalyst to foster new growth industries that deal with climate change. Obama has moved in this direction, but not Australia.

Alas the Rudd Government is only interested in its "clean coal" strategy and is putting the views of big business and the fossil fuel lobby first.

Not much different from the Howard Government really, once you take away the symbolism of signing Kyoto.