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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

Qld, the state « Previous | |Next »
February 25, 2009

In theory, we're about to find out how public awareness of the global economy and its current state plays out in elections. We'll be seeing whether Australians are ready to elect a female Premier, and whether the LNP has legs. All very serious considerations for the seriously inclined.

In practice, this is Queensland, that state that brought you Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan, national treasures Pauline Hanson and Barnaby Joyce, and a lingering affection for Joh Bjelke-Petersen. And we're about to try and inflict Pauline Hanson on the nation again, just in case anyone thought it was safe to write us off as the Ignorable State.

We have the internet thing happening, so everyone can see how technologically savvy we are. This proves that we are the With It State.

We have federally Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce giving up his weekends to campaign for the state LNP he also belongs to, and anyone else who thinks climate change policy represents an existential threat. We are also the Open Minded About Things State.

We have the incredibly wealthy Clive Palmer suing Premier Anna Bligh for saying his massive donations to the Liberal and National Parties (sometimes they're the LNP, sometimes they're not) have bought him political influence. This says that we are the Transparent State.

We have the Leader of the Opposition pointing out that the global financial crisis is peripheral to the state of the mining royalties-dependent Queensland economy:

With regards to this global financial crisis, it is again the triumph of salesmanship over substance in Queensland where the Government is trying to align an issue which is external, which is only peripheral to what’s happening in Queensland

So we are, in fact, the Economically Independent State.

Peter Garrett, along with others who are not members of parliament, will be taking part in a two-state singalong to raise money for us, because we are also the Partially Flooded State.

Our moisture problems have nothing to do with the Murray Darling thingo, by the way, so nobody should be tempted to think of us as the Water Sharing State.

And we merit a temporary Crikey blog keeping everyone informed of developments on all of this, because we are the Temporarily Interesting and Experimental State.

| Posted by Lyn at 12:38 PM | | Comments (15)


Such cynicism Lyn!

Is it true Cubbie Station is piping all the flood water into an abandoned coal mine to stop any getting to the Darling River? Bastards.

Actually I've always thought of Queensland as the Not-Really-Part-of-Australia-and-Proud-of-It State but these days maybe WA has a better claim to the title.

Yes all we need now is a bear riding a unicycle and Clive Palmer choking on a frankfurt on election eve.

As usual I will predict early that Labor will have a massive swing against it in the bush and a moderate one in the city. Enough to get rolled.
You can all line up sunday afternoon to call me your holiness and kiss my ring.

We're as well coordinated as an olympics synchronised swimming team around here, as should be plain from our two posts a day on the same topic approach. My bad.

Your analytical skills are showing Possum. I thought I'd concealed it quite well.

If it was true Ken, would it be all that surprising? Maybe we could come to some arrangement with WA. Then again, we'd be unlikely to ever resolve whether we should be collectively known as QWA or WAQ.

Les, careful what you say about Clive Palmer, unicycles and frankfurts. Kissing isn't the only thing that happens to rings.

I think Clive Palmer would make a better premier than both.
We've had Peter and Joh why not Clive.
Yeah! " Queensland Alive with Clive" on all the number plates.

Off topic; A friend who does homestay for asian students has been told to expect only half the numbers from last year. Interesting.

Possum says that Clive is a walking, talking female vote repellant. In my capacities as Possum fan and female voter, he's right. Maybe "Half of Qld Alive with Clive, the other half cranky and unapproachable" would be more appropriate.

On the international students question, dunno yet. With the parking nightmare, I'd expect car owning student numbers to be down, tempers to be bad, and Parkwood residents to be rioting. Parkwood Tarvern already has someone manning the parking lot and student parking prevention padlocked chains at the borders.

The proposed train line has been remodelled and now has wheels and looks extrodinarily like a long bus.

They certainly are moving dirt around at a furious pace at the new hospital site. Havent seen many blokes in hard hats yet.

When it comes to water and the Murray-Darling Basin Queensland is not a part of Australia. They see themselves as a sovereign state.

what happened to Beattie's Innovative Creative state?

Queensland is still the coal and tourism state.

Underground carparks. Every time it rains they have to stand around half the day pumping the water out.

It turned out that Beattie was only talking about the Brisbane city centre being creative and smart. The massive population movements Possum is having so much fun with are distributed up and down the coast, and to the west of Brisbane.

Oh, I forgot to add, that the denial of climate change is pretty big amongst the Queensland Nationals.They--Boswell and Joyce--- do seem to live in another universe and time, especially Senator Boswell who reckons the planet is cooling!

The whole Nationals mentality is a huge problem for the LNP. The Liberals would stand a chance in areas like the Gold Coast if the LNP wasn't actually the Nationals.

Turnbull might be talking climate change, but Turnbull is not the Gold Coast idea of a Liberal. Joe Hockey would do much better around here.

is Joe Hockey an economic rationalist or an economic protectionist?

He was both on last weeks Q+A: an economic protectionist in relation to buying Australian pink batts and an economic liberal when endorsing Swan's message about free trade raising the income of Australians.

Is that the Gold Coast----gungho free market liberals who want lots of government subsidies for their tourism industry or their development projects?

Anne, is there such a thing as an economic populist?

The Gold Coast economy revolves around building and tourism and yes, they do like lots of subsidies. Neither are popular with voters though, who see these things subsidised at the expense of services for residents.

Developers and tourism are Liberal Party territory, which is why they don't do well in local council or state elections, although they've done well in federal elections.