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October 15, 2010

For more on the growing U.S. war in (on) Pakistan, watch this quite good Rachel Maddow monologue from

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The logic of the war on terror is that if the current Pakistani government is not pulling its weight in the war, then regime change is required.

Civilians are clearly bearing the brunt of the conflict in Pakistan-yet their losses go unrecognized. As Chris Rogers points out:

Ignoring civilian casualties in Pakistan repeats a mistake that contributed to the Taliban's resurgence in Afghanistan. Our research shows that civilian losses breed resentment, undermine the perceived legitimacy of the state, and ease recruitment by extremists. Locals harbor and help insurgents while information and intelligence for those fighting them dries up. Insurgents gain ground and momentum as governance and security break down.

The hostility of the Pakistani public to U.S. actions in the region is obvious given the massive opposition to the CIA-operated drone strikes into the Waziristan region.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 11:39 AM | | Comments (4)


And this is happening while Karzai's government is negotiating with the Taliban for a solution in Afghanistan... Reminds me of how the US intensified the bombing of Hanoi in order to get a peace settlement in Vietnam. And that turned out well, didn't it?

Needless to say if the regime does change and the USA is believed to be the responsible party, it will simply encourage more Pakistanis to become committed opponents of America. In trying to pursue his own domestic political interests, in other words, Obama may be prepared to destabilise another country on the other side of the world, and energise support for anti-US terrorism in the process.

As Glenn Greenwald has pointed out, the American counter-terrorism measures are pretty much perfectly designed to ensure an endless supply of terrorists.

"..the current Pakistan government is not pulling its weight...".
A bit like, you are likely unenthusiastic about digging your own grave, knowing that the sole purpose is that your imminent death brings joy to your tormenters.
Enough, already.
Mars 06, their anal inability to learn from past incidences remains the central fact of IR over the last century.
For an outsider, antics like Iraq and Afghanistan are bad enough examples of stupidity in their own right.
But in the light of the US experience in SE Asia, then the Russians in Afghanistan, including their own duplicitous role in that conflict, Latin America etc, their current behaviours become inexplicable, accept in light the corruption and capture of US big politics by vested interests, as occurred with Bush, the oil industry and the Middle East.
In which case the globe is actually subjected to a diluted form of anarchy,with the abandonment of justice and law as the foundational principle for order and interaction.

Quite apart from the power elite's "anal inability to learn from past incidences"... or UNWILLINGNESS to learn... I despair at the electorate's lack of curiosity [disinterest?] at what has been and is being done in their name.

I think the CIA even invented a name for the nasty consequences... they called it blowback. So why does everyone act so surprised/outraged when some bad stuff happens in THEIR backyard?