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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

The Australian's view of the Greens « Previous | |Next »
October 16, 2010

The caricature has become a parody --a bad one because we don't mistake it for the real thing. The Murray-Darling Basin reform and cuts to irrigation entitlements (25-35%) to return a minimum of 3000 gigalitres to the river system is based on the government buying water from willing sellers.

Farmers can sell out. Water buybacks are voluntary, not forced, and very profitable.

LeakBThe Greens.jpg

The Australia's view, as represented by Leak's cartoon, is that a dictatorial government will take water from irrigators. Democracy has been trashed by the Left. The cartoon represents the national water reform as a contest between the economic viability of farm communities and the ecological health of the environment with the irrigators being sacrificed for the environment.

The reality, of course, is a more sustainable basin through transforming the way water is managed, agriculture practised, and ensure a minimum river flow.

What we have is fear. For instance, there is a lot of fear within the ALP over the guide to Murray-Darling Basin plan because it is a green document. The ALP fears the Greens as it is the Greens who who define the Left. The ALP fears the threat the latter pose to the former in electoral terms. So we Premier Brumby appealing to Liberal voters in the Victorian election to preference Labor over the Greens to ensure re-elected Labor can govern safely without the embarrassment of new Green MPs or, Labor being forced to rely on the Greens to form a government.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 10:10 AM | | Comments (9)


In Cosy Canberra alliance blunts Brumby's Greens offensive in The Age Farrah Tomazin says that to counter the Green tide Victorian Labor's:

attack strategy goes something like this: sell the government's achievements while painting the Greens as a bunch of naive idealists who promise plenty but deliver little; exploit the refusal of MPs and candidates to rule out a power-sharing deal with the Coalition if November's election produces a hung parliament; accuse the party of being willing to "sell out" its left-leaning supporters and take preferences from the Liberals; and cite government figures showing that when the three Greens members of Victoria's upper house have had the choice to vote with Labor or the Coalition since they were first elected in 2006, they have chosen the conservatives 67 per cent of the time.

At the state level, Labor is trying to convince voters that the Greens are a self-righteous political party that doesn't know what it stands for, can't achieve real outcomes, and will sell out in pursuit of power.

The evidence from the Labor-Green alliances in Tasmania, the ACT and Canberra is otherwise.

That is an entirely obnoxious cartoon and Leak and all involved in its publication should be ashamed of their lack of ethics.
That is below gutter level.

So... from this cartoon, I gather that the the Murray-Darling Basin reform is about evicting hard-working farmers just to save a few frogs. Is that really what it's all about??? A few damn frogs? Nothing else?

Buybacks are likely to be profitable to some, but not all. I'd make a capital loss on some of my licences due to drought, and political uncertainty if I wanted to sell at the moment.

The real problem is the devaluation of onfarm infrastructure once the water is gone, so net gain isn't quite so rosy. That is happening already with farms for sale with minimal or no licencing bringing down the valuations on remaining farms.

It is a bit of a humorous cartoon.
It will be interesting to see how the cartoon depiction of Bob and the greens goes over the next 2 years. Whether bob takes on the look of the grim reaper or the idiot.
I don't think we should make cartoonist responible for truth....just humour

Very sad to see Leak prostituting himself, evidence that his bosses must have leaned on him?
The cartoon feeds of and into the paranoia from the USA about Greens government and looming population cull, that comes from American conspiracy theorists.
Belongs more properly in "Volkischer Beobachter", it's a genuinely nasty peice of black propaganda in the truest Murdoch tradition.

The cartoon depicts the LIberal party's view of The Greens. I recall that Shadow attorney general George Brandis has in the past compared them to the Nazi Party (mainly because Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian).

The make-up of the Gillard government as a Labor/Green alliance is one reason the Murray-Darling buyback can be wrongly portrayed (eg., by Gerard Henderson on yesterday’s Insiders on ABC) as trendy inner urban environmentalists versus battling farmers.

Over at the Australian Jack the Insider has his own little rant in his Greens ignore human costs about how the Australlian Greens are similar to the Chinese military:

But if there is any moral distinction, it is not apparent to me. Both the PRC and the Greens behave with the moral certainty that the state knows best and if people get in the way of these ideological convictions, these people will be obliged to “transition and adjust”.Both are guilty of practising intellectual if not practical totalitarianism - a “my way or the highway” approach to complex problems that require more than ideological posturing.Now might be a good time to remind you all that the Greens hold the balance of power in the House of Representatives and as of 1 July next year, they will hold the balance of power in the Senate, too.

The Greens do not hold the balance of power in the House of Representatives--it is held by a Green and three Independents.

The message is that totalitarianism is back on the radar--reds under the bed in the guise of greens. Nothing about the systematic overallocation of water resources by all State govts along the entire system has lead to drastic increases in salination of land, especially at the South Australian end of the Murray River, where flows don’t even reach the sea.