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Sydney = Australia? « Previous | |Next »
July 14, 2012

The foot-stamping from the representatives of Sydney in particular – over the decision to choose Brisbane for the G20 indicates that Sydney thinks that it should be the only global city and that Sydney is Australia.

The superiority and condescension that was on display in such a naked fashion took the form of Brisbane being a mediocre alternative to Sydney and that mediocrity signifies the mediocrity of the rest of Australia.

RoweDBrisbane.jpg David Rowe

Sydney has become a dysfunctional city with respect to its airport, public transport and traffic jams and little has been done by its state governments to make it a more functional city.The system of governance in NSW is both dysfunctional and corrupt.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 9:13 AM | | Comments (7)


No, Melbourne=Australia.

Funny how Bolt had Julia from 2002 saying "Turn back the boats when its safe to do so" on the show today.
She was saying pretty much the same as what Abbott is saying now.

Melbourne as the "soul"of Australia?

The Rudd-Gillard governments have been reformist and they achieved good things:- economic stability amid a ''contained'' global depression; a massive building program for the nation's schools; the beginnings of a national broadband network and a national disability insurance scheme; the establishment of a carbon pricing mechanism.

The obvious place would be Adelaide, a place that grew out of Bill Ludwig, Russ Hinze and Bjelke Petersen and the parallel tendency to loudly coloured shirts, some time ago.

You can get pictures put onto balloons now. Maybe you should get some kevin and julia ones and have a party.

It is pretty clear that Queensland is profiting from a mining boom and that it no longer sees itself as a provincial backwater like South Australia. Queensland is on its way to becoming an economic powerhouse that will become increasingly politically influential.