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November 17, 2012

The Arab-Israeli conflict is escalating again and innocent civilians are dying. It is unfolding according to a decades old script in which the Israeli attacks on Gaza are in self-defense. This narrative, in which Israel always sells itself to the west as a democracy in a sea of Arab fanaticism ("civilised Israelis v Islamist terrorists") is a false narrative.

The latest episode flows from Israel's targeted assassination of Ahmed Jaabari, the commander of Ezedin al Qassam, the military wing of Hamas, who's prevented attacks on Israelis for the past five years. Rockets were then launched from locations around Gaza and reach the outskirts of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Gaza is now under military attack.

BellSLikud.jpg Steve Bell

Recall that in the winter of 2008-9 Israel's Operation Cast Lead, coupled with the blockade of Gaza, was meant to root out "the infrastructure of terror" from Gaza and eradicate the Hamas threat. It did nothing of the sort. It left up to 1,400 Palestinians and Hamas remained in control. In the summer of 2006 Israel went to war against Hizbullah in order to eliminate its missiles and weaken its political position in Lebanon. That offensive failed as well: Its failure indicated that military operations will solve not the Palestinian problem.

We have the usual good guys (Israel) v the bad guys (Hamas ) scenario by the western media and governments with its implicit denial that the Palestinians have the legal right to resist violent occupation, Israel's targeting a population of civilians, and Israel’s efforts to deny them self-determination. The right wing Israeli aim--ie., Likud--- is to create a Greater Israel through the colonisation of the Occupied Territories.

The Netanyahu government is dead-set against allowing the Palestinians to have a viable state of their own and wants them to accept permanent Bantustan status under Israeli rule instead. If the two-state solution collapses’ then Israel will ‘face a South-African-style struggle’. What happens to the unconditional US support for Israel then?

Both houses of Congress overwhelmingly voted for resolutions in support of Israel's "inherent right to act in self-defence".The two houses of Congress expressed:

unwavering commitment to the security of the state of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state with secure borders, and recognises and strongly supports its inherent right to act in self-defence to protect its citizens against acts of terrorism.

So Israel is the innocent victim of indiscriminate terror attacks by Hamas and Hamas is not democratically elected. This is taking pace on the eve of a Palestinian bid for greater recognition at the United Nations and with an Israeli election around the corner.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 1:33 PM | | Comments (10)


There is no U.S. pressure on Israel to force Netanyahu to abandon his vision of a "greater Israel."

Israel is gambling that the democratic Arab uprisings won't matter much in the course of a war with Gaza. Either Arab publics have lost interest in the Palestinian cause, or they are too caught in pressing their local demands.

Israel's response to the increased rocket attacks by Hamas is deterrence----from time to time Israel launch's a Cast Lead Operation.

Deterrence means that the costs that Hamas will pay much outweigh the benefits that they are deriving from the launch of these rockets.

It seems that, according to the MSM, only Israel has the right to defend itself.

And why no mention that the people of Gaza actually voted for Hamas in 2006? They are the government...

An Israeli invasion of Gaza could backfire politically--- damaging Israel further in the region.

"Israel's response to the increased rocket attacks by Hamas is deterrence"

Israel's foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, says that:

The only way we can achieve peace and security is to create real deterrence via a crushing response that will make sure they [Hama] don't try to test us again. This isn't an all-out war, but an operation with defined goals.

The goal of the operation is to send Gaza back to the Middle Ages.

The American government and the Obama administration is enabling everything that is taking place .

Israel has been given a free hand in Gaza to use American weapons and any attempt to condemn Israel at the UN would be instantly blocked by the US.

And to think... Netanyahu hoped Obama would be ejected from the Oval Office. It's business as usual people...

And to think that Netanyahu wanted Obama out of the Oval Office... because... apparently he wasn't a friend of Israel.

Its business as usual, folks!

The US (and Australia follows suit) says that Israel has every right to defend itself. They make it sound like Israel is under attack from a powerful nation state. Israel is the victim.

What this denies is that it is Israel that provokes with its blockade of Gaza's land and sea borders. It is Israel's bombing of Gaza that is causing more civilian deaths than the Hamas rockets. It is the Palestinians who are being dispossessed of their land by ISrael.

Gaza, to all intents and purposes, is occupied territory and Hamas is a resistance force. The US and Australia denounce Hamas as a terrorist organization.