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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

a disturbing picture « Previous | |Next »
February 19, 2013

I guess that this is what occupation of the Palestinian lands looks like. It is what Israeli military control over the Palestinian civilian population looks like in that it embodies the idea that Palestinian children are targets. They are.


The above photos was published on the Instragram account of an 20 year old Israeli soldier Mor Ostrovski. The account has since been deleted.

Of course, the pro-Israeli commentators would deny the word that the Palestinian territory is currently under Israeli occupation. They hold, contrary to international law, that this is an “empty” land, over which now the “two sides” are struggling. The occupied Palestinian West Bank, with all its illegal Israeli settlements, Jewish-only roads, Israeli checkpoints, Israeli military incursions and Israeli demolitions of Palestinian homes, is reduced to a territory to which two different groups are laying equally legitimate claim.

We need to remind ourselves that unquestioned support for Israel is basically unchallenged in US political debates, even though a key tenet of US policy toward Israel is opposition to settlement construction in the West Bank with the US government seeing the construction of settlements as an impediment to peace.

The debate in the public sphere is often characterized by stifling the criticisms of Israeli occupation and settlements through bullying threats and intimidation.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 11:38 AM | | Comments (5)


'Disturbing' is accurate but mild, I recoiled when I saw the photo.
What is the state of ethics and morality in the world, including Oz, when the Palestinian people are treated so badly and yet commentators line up to excuse the inexcusable?

And this -"that this is an “empty” land"- sounds very familiar, reminds me of terra nullius.

Poor, poor, misunderstood, little Israel... always the victim...

Of all the policies you can think of the Settlements policy is one of the most despicable, are symbolic, slo-mo form of psychological torture for Palestinians, of a similar species applied more vigorously by the likes of Oberfuhrer Jurgen Stroop to the Polish ghetto during the Great Patriotic War.
Many other wise intelligent Jewish people have a single, panicky blind spot, when it comes to
Palestinians, as do we when it comes to global poverty and boat people.

I see a positive in the pic. A reluctance to kill.
There is a view from news and a view from art.
Perhaps I will put it on my wall and write a poem about it next time I am way to drunk on red wine and sympathy.

you didn't read the Breaking the Silence report in the last sentence of the first paragraph.