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a fairer + smarter educational system? « Previous | |Next »
April 16, 2013

The sad reality is that four decades after federal and state governments began syphoning of funds from the public purse to top up poor Catholic parish schools we have seen an exponential growth of government funding go to middle class and wealthy private schools at the expense of increasingly impoverished and disadvantaged public schools.

Now, with the Gonski reforms to school funding we have a siphoning of funds from the universities to begin the process of public schools getting extra federal funding. However, Canberra now gives more money to private schools than it does to universities.

RoweBGonskiuni.jpg David Rowe

Labor's social democracy ethos is now reduced to bold education reform to achieve its social goals of a fairer and smarter Australia. The argument is that this $14.5 billion reform to education will open up the economic opportunities that flow from getting the best chances as early as possible in life. It's Gillard Labor's big national project.

It doesn't stack up.

How will funding cuts get more and more children into university; or ensure that Australian universities can deliver world-class education when the teenagers get there? What is the point of having a top school system in Australia whilst making cuts of $2.3 billion to university funding as part of the Gonski education reform

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 8:59 PM | | Comments (3)


I can't find out how much the govt IS giving to universities, HAS given to universities and WILL give to universities - relative to the COALItion govt of Howard and his mates.

I see claims around the place that the present govt HAS, compared to the previous COALition govt vastly increased funding to universities in recent years.
Is this true?

I see claims around the place that next year the universities WILL receive MORE funding than this year - or the previous [albeit at a lower rate of increase than in the immediate past].
Is this true?

Without this information, preferably presented in KISS form, I can't meaningfully comment on the present furore.

Fred says:
"I see claims around the place that next year the universities WILL receive MORE funding than this year - or the previous [albeit at a lower rate of increase than in the immediate past].
Is this true?"

the base subsidy from the govt to the uni's has been indexed for inflation on annual basis?

Peter S Stock

On 2 separate sites, presumably by 2 separate persons, I have seen the claim that proposed real [therefore I presume inflation indexed]spending on universities in the near future years is greater than previous years. That this so-called [?] 'cut' involves a decrease in the increase that will still result in more indexed funds for unis albeit less than proposed previously.
That is, more money for unis, but not as much as previously

I dunno if this is correct.

I have also seen, not in the same places as the previous, that this govt has vastly [in the region of 50%] increased funding to unis in recent years [again I believe the claim refers to indexed numbers] relative to the dark days of the Howard/Abbott et al COALition govt..

Again, I dunno how accurate this claim is and I would love to know the precise [indexed] numbers presented in a simple way that dumb me can understand.

Until I see such I reckon we are just getting the uduak negative drivel from the mass media - Fran had her usual go yesterday on Radio Brekky, I glanced at the Australian front page yesterday and it was entirely negative towards the govt..
The problem is that our reality is being distorted by the partisan media noise machine.