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Energy: disruptive technologies « Previous | |Next »
April 17, 2013

Whilst the Barnett Government in WA is using energy as a mode of economic development for the state (developing gas fields) and protecting their incumbent generators from the disruption caused by renewable entry, the old incumbent network operators across the nation are facing a very troubling future. from the decarbonisation of Australia's energy system.

PopeDCull.jpg David Pope

They supersized the electricity grid only to find they in a situation where there is a decline in revenue due to declining manufacturing capacity, the impact of energy efficiency schemes, and the ability of households to produce some of their own electricity requirements from rooftop solar systems.

The old incumbent network utilities are not getting the revenue they require from the network investments already made. The competing disruptive technologies (eg., solar and wind) will continue to eat away at the generator's revenue base as homeowners turn to rooftops and energy efficiency.

Will they follow the music industry option of business as usual and declaring war on their customers by using state and federal governments to make solar unattractive by increases in fixed electricity charges, raising tariffs, and implementing regulatory barriers? Not to mention the inequitable arrangements (market rigging?) offered by the electricity supply cartels in buying the power generated by the solar panels at one third the price they charge you to use their grid power.

The utilities and power generators are resistant to a large-scale transition to a clean energy system whilst most of the state governments currently block the transformation of the energy system.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 2:17 PM |