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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

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January 10, 2014

Let's face it. The Abbott Coalition Govt and its advisers is composed of conservative white males many of whom are climate change deniers. They routinely dismiss the entire body of climate change science as a left-wing conspiracy to earn money as well as attack wind farms on the grounds that they are a danger to human health.

Environmentalism, for them, is a cover story for socialists to "de-industrialise the western world". They are part of the concerted efforts to deny climate science and halt climate policy, which had began in the early 1990s by the fossil fuel industry. These politicians and advisers have an anti-environmental agenda that includes rolling back environmental legislation, blocking clean energy development at every stage, and waging war against environmental institutions and scientists.

PopeDDirectAction.jpg David Pope

The climate change deniers have no scientific credibility. The climate denial machine has its roots in Exxon’s funding of front groups, and it used the tobacco industry’s playbook and an extensive arsenal of lobbyists and “experts” for hire in order to manufacture disinformation designed to confuse the public and stifle action to address climate change.

The energy company backed lobbyists, shrills, and politicians are attempting to industry-backed lawsuits and politicians attempted to undermine the entire scientific community because the energy companies want to be allowed to continue to pollute and protect their profits. Their talking point, and that of the shadow lobbying organizations, is that there’s no consensus among scientists on the causes and effects of global warming – plus, the very idea of consensus is “authoritarian and anti-scientific” anyway.

The evidence that humans are the dominant cause of the current global warming is overwhelming (which is the reason behind the 97 percent expert consensus), and continues to grow. And while the media has lately tended to focus on the few papers that suggest climate sensitivity is relatively low, there is a growing body of evidence based on cloud observations that it's actually on the high end, above 3°C warming in response to doubled CO2, which under business as usual would lead to more than 4°C warming by 2100 – a potentially catastrophic scenario.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 6:38 AM | | Comments (4)


health-related complaints about wind farms in local communities in Australia often coincide with the presence of anti-wind farm groups.

It would have been so easier just to admit the science when it turned up and made adjustments, say twenty years ago.
But not a penny of the billions earmarked for profit must be employed, ever, for clean ups, mitigation or development of new technology.
The system is psychotic, as daft as the Spanish Habsburgs in the seventeenth century.

"The climate change deniers have no scientific credibility".

Ah, but is scientific credibility all that important? Very few people know much about science - far fewer than you think. Many of the rest resent the arrogance of those with any claim to scientific literacy. To most voters, science is just the atom bomb and curing cancer. That's it, folks. So for people to claim that global warming is somehow "scientific" is either an admission that scientists are plotting against us or simply incomprehensible.

If we do nothing could we have enough catastrophic events and change to kill enough of the world population to end the cause?