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striking welfare « Previous | |Next »
April 24, 2014

It is pretty clear that the Abbott Government's politics of austerity--known as fixing the budget in order to fix the economy --- is going to target welfare, especially the aged pension, whilst leaving the Coalition’s generous expansion of the paid parental leave scheme untouched. So much for equity. People having to work until 70 whilst already well-off women can get $75,000 for six months at home is the main way the "budget crisis" of an ageing population will be addressed.

PopeDjointstrikewelfare.jpg David Pope

The central problem with singling out the A$40 billion age pension scheme by introducing a pension eligibility age of 70 is the existence of age discrimination which results in older workers being pushed out the door or workers retiring because of illhealth. Given the increasing restrictions to accessing the disability support pension, many older workers will end up being on Newstart whilst waiting to access the pension.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 12:57 PM | | Comments (8)


The LNP politicians do go on and on about budget deficits supposedly for the next decade and government debt growing and growing.

It must be the required talking point. along with the one about a return to a budget surplus.

I guess if Joe and his mad mates really wanted to end the 'age of entitlement' and were aware of alternatives to hitting the vulnerable they would consider these policies as far better:

millionaire tax

"Taxing trusts as if they were companies and applying a new top marginal tax rate on incomes of more than $1 million would raise billions of dollars for the Commonwealth budget and alleviate pressure to slash welfare programs for the genuinely needy, the Greens have said."

And doing away with the handouts/subsidies to polluters.

"...the Australian Government plans to gift over $10 billion of taxpayer’s money to subsidise fossil fuel use, unless significant changes are made in the May Federal Budget......
On the basis of this assessment Environment Victoria and Market Forces are recommending that the Federal Government prioritises action at the upcoming Budget to cut the following five subsidies which would save taxpayers $15 billion over the next three years"

But I would guess wrong wouldn't I?

The LNP is fighting a war on debt---will 'Cut the pensions' be the new slogan?

"whilst leaving the Coalition’s generous expansion of the paid parental leave scheme untouched."

so Hockey's war on the age of entitlement is really the war on the aged pension.

The rising costs of superannuation tax concessions that favour the wealthy are going to be left untouched.

It does look as if Treasurer Joe Hockey rhetoric of sharing the budget pain will result in cuts to essential services, and the absence of tax reform, thereby placing the greatest burden on those least able to bear it.

Well..blow me down.. once again its left to the goalkeeper to make the save after the defence has slipped up.. watched a Drum panel last week and they seemed pretty much unconscious of unemployment

Can I start on 457 visas without being called racist- I don't blame poor people from poor countries trying to break out of their situation, but why, oh why, if they are going to make it impossible for many local workers to get work, can't they leave them be if they are warehoused on DB?

Because they want a simultaneous influx of offshore and local de- pensioned people fighting over scarce jobs, driving down wages and further eroding trade union protections?

Because they know Labor has funding problems and can be kneecapped further if the unions are busted?

yeah... bring back rudd.... he could make happy announcements... even if they were all bullshit.