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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

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June 3, 2008

The voters of Australia have given Kevin a serious beating about the head according to the latest Newspoll, which reports no movement worth mentioning on either primary or TPP. With a margin of error of 3, Kevvie is down 4 points to 66 and Brendo is up 5 points to 17.

The ABC reports that

The Prime Minister's prediction he would take a 'whacking' over fuel policy has been proved correct in the latest opinion polls.

I'd be willing to bet Antony Green didn't write that.

Has something gone wrong with the commentariat or have they always been this bad? According to Mumble

Some journos are adding together Rudd's approval rating drop and his rise in disapproval to give a "14 point turnaround!" Neat trick.

Wha? Why, when you're already looking stupid, would you go out of your way to make yourself look even stupider? On that note, Dennis here.

People do think Rudd promised to do something about petrol prices, but it doesn't seem to matter all that much, contrary to expectations. Maybe they understand that not much can be done about it. Maybe they think FuelWatch will fix it. Maybe they're complacent. Maybe they don't read opinion columns.


Mark reckons Nelson's performance on petrol last week was all about shoring up support from within, staving off Turnbull for a while longer. That makes sense, because his excise proposal was in no way serious. He also reckons Julia Gillard skewered Tony Jones on the wisdom of the commentators. I wish I'd stayed up late enough to see that.

| Posted by Lyn at 9:48 AM | | Comments (9)


What we are seeing is the Media nows sees Kevin as the government and all the problems of Australia are either his fault or his job to fix.
Yes the honeymoon is over but a divorce is a very long way off yet. Nelson has had one good week in 26 so lets not get too excited and start letting the media pull us along by the nose ring.
I liken the situation Kevin to Anthony Mundines fights of late. He is fighting patsies with no chance of winning and he can pull his pants down in public all he likes but still no-one is really interested. But if it was judged to be a chance of someone landing one on his jaw its suddenly bums on seats.

Gary, what happened to my right of reply? How is it that you have muted criticism of those who don't agree with 'art' and any censorship of photographs of a 12-year-old girl is a step backwards yet you censor my response to that person from the Tweed?

If Rudd's the prefered prime minister of two thirds of voters I'd say the honeymoon is still in full swing.

The big news from this poll is that nothing's changed, but there's not much news value in that.

Lyn, competition for the audience has grown dramatically over the last couple of years in the area of media. You can rely on less being true.

Did you see the recent pictures of the tribe who were untouched by whitemans evil ways. The ones that were shooting big silver bird with bow and arrow.
Funny how 2 were white and one was black.
Sometimes I wonder if the media is even trying to be truthful.

I have no idea what you are talking about. I only block personal abuse or spam. The Henson post was closed off because it was hot by spam--very heavy. I've opened it for comments.

If you take out the time Rudd has spent on the toilet,asleep,eating the odd filet mignon,downing a few reds, engaged in sexual activity,and brushing his teeth,by my reckoning he has had about 10 minutes to solve most of Australia's most pressing problems.

Nelson and his old school tie mates, know Rudd, is a winner, and he is on the road to a record term in office.They are desperate, and it shows.

Love or Loath Rudd,this man is not only intellectually superior to any one the opposition can dig up,but barring a stroke or heart attack, will work them into the grave.

The petrol debate that the opposition apparently won,is very rich indeed,as it was their party from Frasers term in office, to the support of the later Iraq war that caused it.

The only thing Rudd has to worry about is wearing out his Italian shoes from walking all over the opposition.

As I posted elsewhere:
ALP 57: Coalition 43 would mean about an EXTRA 20 seats for the ALP if that were an election result.
Including the seats of some shadow ministers.
Kev's 66% PPM is higher than that recorded by anybody else in Newspoll's 20 plus years. The only person to poll higher was.....Kev.
Brendan's 17% is nearly the lowest ever recorded for a Leader of the Opposition. The only person to poll lower was....Brendan.

Seems like the MSM have made major dills of themselves.

Meanwhile, major issues slip by silently.

Yes I saw those pics. Amazing.

"The only thing Rudd has to worry about is wearing out his Italian shoes from walking all over the opposition." True Phill. As far as popular politics is concerned Rudd has nothing to worry about. Getting bills through the senate is another thing. It wasn't real bright of Hockey to say they'll stall or kill bills just because Labor used to do that to them, especially on FuelWatch and means testing the baby bonus and FTB-b.

Agreed. It's astounding that record breaking figures like these are virtually ignored by the MSM in favour of supporting their own petrol fright narratives.

On major issues, I'd argue that 66 for Rudd is a pretty major event in itself to the extent that it suggests Australians are more united than we've been in 20 years. From a sociological point of view that's very significant. That level of support gives Rudd the opportunity to act on major issues that people might otherwise oppose if they don't like the leader.

"Getting bills through the senate is another thing. It wasn't real bright of Hockey to say they'll stall or kill bills just because Labor used to do that to them, especially on FuelWatch and means testing the baby bonus and FTB-b."

True, but as you already know Lyn,the opposition will lose that opportunity to stall anything very soon.

For mine,Rudd is the best chance Labor has ever had, to keep the conservatives in opposition for a couple of decades at least,and if this week has proved anything, it is how nasty and insincere the conservatives really are.

As an aside, my great hope is, under the leadership of Rudd, we just may become a republic.

And as for Hockey he can only help keep them in opposition,the man is down right obnoxious, notwithstanding he won his own seat.

Interesting times ahead.