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a return to yesterday? « Previous | |Next »
September 1, 2012

A mythic Australia is being constructed by Australian conservative with the constant appeal to John Howard. Its not simply an appeal to the policies of the Howard era in Australia---Howard, on this political construct, stood for a particular kind of Australia. A wholesome white suburban Australia of the patriarchal family behind the white picket fence.

PopeDSpring.jpg David Pope

Everything was fine in that picture of Australia. It was a relaxed, comfortable and harmonious Australia where everything was in its right place, common sense ensured that everybody did the right thing,. This world was bathed in golden light. It's a deeply nostalgic picture--akin to a Kodak moment of yesteryear. Though it never was it still resonates deeply in our culture.

You can see its hold in education. In this mythic world there were no failing teachers in failing schools. The traditional teacher-centred approach to the basics of education ensured that students learned and disadvantage overcome. When that was displaced by progressive teachers things declined --eg., the gap in outcomes between our best and worst performed students became high and is growing. Teachers don't know what to teach.

So we have to get back to basics to ensure that Australian's can read and write like they did in yesteryear.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 6:54 PM | | Comments (2)


It is the picture of Australia I came to detest...

so much has changed since the 1950′s, but our collective vision on urban design is still firmly rooted there.