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February 14, 2014

It is now clear that the core of the Abbott Govt's reforms is industrial relations in the form of breaking the power of unions.

That is a prerequisite if Australia is to be be open for business. The ground is being prepared through the Royal Commission headed by Dyson Heydon.

RoweDIRfight.jpg David Rowe

Australia's economy is on a downward trend as companies shed jobs, factories close, domestic demand is flat and economic growth is sluggish. The Abbott Govt's narrative is to lay the blame for the collapsing industries at the feet of the unions. Though job losses continue to increase because of falling Chinese demand, all is not lost say the neo-liberals say that all is not lost. The free market will drive productivity reforms and increase living standards across Australia.

That's their “plan for jobs” -- get-the-economy-moving-and-the-jobs-will-come. It's the traditional ""a rising tide lifts all boats" and it is the global economic forces that will cause the rising tide sometime in the future. This will restructure the economy for enrichment of the few not for the benefit of the many.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 6:46 AM | | Comments (5)


And the bovver boy is calling for the Labour opposition to "get out of the way".

The Abbott Govt's proposed sharp spending cuts to an economy that is already struggling is going to make matters worse.

The Coalition's "no bail-outs, no hand-outs" will be dumped when it comes to the drought-affected farmers.

We could consider all this "Brave New world/ Onward ever Upward" bs in the context of the ogre in the room, the secret and likely vicious FTA negotiations, whereby the former, IR, is just psycho theatre to obscure back stabbing on an exponentially more monumental level.

Most unions have cleaned themselves up over the last few years but mud sticks and the mud will stick to Labor. The coalition will do the ground work now of union investigation which will be timed to the next election. There are many old skeletons in the union cupboards especially in the building game and they are going to be found so Labor is in for a bumpy ride.