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the climate deniers club « Previous | |Next »
June 10, 2014

Tony Abbott, the Australian Prime Minister, finally comes clean on global warming whilst visiting Canada. He is seeking a conservative alliance among "like-minded" countries, that actively aims to both block or dismantle global moves to introduce carbon pricing, and to undermine a push by US President Barack Obama to push the case for action through forums such as the G20. Abbott and Harper, the Canadian Prime Minister, represent, and speak for their respective fossil fuel industries.

PopeDFossilFuelAlliance.jpg David Pope

This is not just a case of Australia being left behind on climate change. It's a defense of the coal industry (the rhetoric is about jobs and growth). This position says to hell with the pricing carbon to address climate change. Anything that substantially reduces emissions from coal fired power stations is seen to be destroying Australia's future.

Australia future is selling coal. Quarry Australia forever. Digging up the mineral resources of the country to ensure GDP growth now. So the costs on the coal industry need to be reduced to ensure their profitability.

Harper and Abbott assume that the untrammeled pursuit of self-interest is always good and that government is always the problem, never the solution. Hence the angry denials when the scientists say that government intervention is the only answer to address global warming.

As the scientific evidence for a changing climate keeps accumulating, the Liberal Party’s commitment to denial just gets stronger and their embrace of anti-intellectualism increasingly becomes an anti-science position. The Liberal Party is changing. The initial skepticism about climate science is turning into hostility toward science in general. It is actively engaged in dismantling and de-funding climate change bodies, significantly diminishes government funding for science and scientific research, especially on climate change, and denies the science of climate change.

Both Abbott and the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper have a similar position: they think maximising their countries’ fossil fuel export income is more important than addressing global warming.Abbott Abbott is using his current trip abroad to try and build support for a climate-denial coalition to thwart even the possibility of renewed international efforts.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 8:28 AM | | Comments (14)


What Abbott and Harper and other conservative e climate change denialists are saying in rejecting the need to take steps to reduce carbon emissions is an argument is that the fossil fuel companies have the right to impose the costs and risks on others without taking responsibility.

The conservative politicians/publicists for the fossil fuel industry say, in the context of the debate over global warming, that these companies apparently have the right to actively harm others with the government's permission and even its participation.

Environmentalism is not the enemy of economic growth.

Abbott is saying that what's good for the fossil fuel industry (coal) is good for Australia.

cracking down the emissions from coal fired power stations with an emissions trading scheme won’t cripple the Australian economy.

Australia is the only country that has plans to unwind an emissions trading scheme.

The Coalition is locking the nation into price-taking commodity markets, toll roads and inwardly-focused service industries

The Abbott Government, which hosts the G20 latter this year, is failing to acknowledge the seriousness with which other global leaders treat the global warming issue.

Abbott + Co don't see that global warming has anything to do with economics. Its the environment which is separate from the economy.

The Abbott Government, which says that it stands for small government, low taxes + free markets, is rejecting an emissions trading scheme which winds back the government to allow a market-based mechanism address global warming.

The Coalition's position is that they doesn't believe that there is a problem with greenhouse gas emissions requiring a solution.

This another one of your threads that is is self explanatory, from the shrewdly selected cartoon.

These often seem to render just about any further comment superfluous.

The cartoon says it all. Tony Abbott and the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper are united in their concern to protect one of their biggest export industries – fossil fuels.

They feign concern for reducing carbon emissions but then engage in fanciful arguments about the perils of using a price signal to discourage those emissions.

Climate change for the fossil fuel export industries is seen as a threat. Hence their attempt to use their governments to sabotage international climate action

The science is right but the mathematics may be wrong.