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let the market decide « Previous | |Next »
June 6, 2014

The Coalition is still struggling to overcome the budget backlash by selling its budget with slogans ---repairing Labor's debt and deficit disaster---rather than arguing on behalf of its policies. Slogans won't work given the extent of the broken promises and the budget's inherent inequity.

A classic example is higher education--a deregulation of fees in the university system was sprung on the electorate without warning. It is seen to be unfair and having little to do with the national interest and more to do with neo-liberal ideology of cutting public funding for universities by an average of 20% and getting students to pick up the shortfall.

RoweDpyne.jpg David Rowe

The cost of university courses will rise dramatically, the debt load of students will increase and it wont pay women to do some courses --eg nursing -- because of low pay and time out from the workforce for family life. Low income students will be priced of the market in the face of being saddled with huge debts deep into middle age whilst the middle class is squeezed.

Even the university sector, which is favour of universities "being set free" to compete as businesses to avoid an inevitable decline in the quality of Australian universities is opposed to the increase in the interest rate on all student debts and the cuts to university funding.

Letting the market decide will see changes within the university sector--more low cost nimble private universities offering quick low cost business type courses, less cross subsidization of the humanities, more teaching only universities and squeeze the smaller universities.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 1:37 PM | | Comments (7)


The budget has been a disaster for the Liberals

The Liberals popularity has crashed and regardless of their best efforts, large pockets of the community deem the budget unfair and potentially damaging to the future equity of health and education.

According to Abbott Australia's prosperity rides on the ore and gas and coal carriers steaming the seas to our north.

So much for Australia becoming a smarter or clever country based on people getting a higher education.

Labor is not focusing very clearly on criticising the unfairness of the budget in Question Time.

The Coalition avoids the unfairness argument other than saying that the choices it made won’t really hurt anyone very much anyway.

Australian universities are going to respond to the Coalition's cuts in state funding by increasing tuition fees and are increasingly out of reach for middle-class and poorer Australians.

It is very unlikely that they will respond by reducing fees--as Pyne , the Minister of Education, claims.

Strange thing, the budget..if you are young you get no dole, despite jobs being in short supply and much of the work still available farmed out to cheap offshore labor.

This unless you are on a scheme or being educated- at a time when training and education funds are being cut.

But if you are good enough to do substantial study, you are penalised with a type of ancient bondage that would deter a sane person from ever bothering at acquiring liability disguised as an investment.

This, at a time where there seems to be at least some dumbing down of subjects and courses over time and tech changes so quickly that skills acquired in some fields of study may be redundant over periods of time far shorter than may have been the case in an earlier era.

Having set the tone with asylum seekers, a modifed process is now applied to locals, it seems, as serfdom is universalised.