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July 24, 2014

As we know few people buy Hockey’s phoney "budget emergency" and the Abbott Government is facing billions of dollars of lost savings and revenue as a result of the divided Senate due in part to its inability to negotiate with the minor parties controlling the balance of power in the Senate. Belligerence, bluster and revenge is the style of this government.

RoweDHockeyabridged.jpg David Rowe

This global world we are now living in is one in capitalism and democracy are becoming increasingly incompatible, and where big business wants to completely free itself from democratic regulation. Democracy is increasingly being treated with contempt by the neo-liberals whose mode of governance is structured around reduced taxation, reduced regulation over labour costs, minimal consumer protection and fewer restrictions over services and the marketing of new financial products.

The strategy of the neo-liberal mode of governance is to reshape Australia so that it becomes more like the free market social and economic model of the US, rather than the social democracy model of much of Europe.Those who benefit from a US style free market system where government minimises its involvement are the financial industry, the mining and energy industries, gambling interests and real estate companies.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 10:16 AM | | Comments (7)


No one outside the LNP bought the rhetoric that Hockey's 2014 budget he only available solution to the “debt and deficit crisis”. This was “not of the Coalition’s making”, but it was now the Abbott government’s responsibility to solve.

The LNP tried to persuade the country that there was no viable “plan B” for budget savings. There was only one solution to Labor's "debt and deficit disaster."

The problem with the LNP's 2014 budget is not the sales pitch but that the impact of the savings were unfair as they fell disproportionately on low- and middle-income earners. Savings options that would have spread the burden to higher-income earners were not included

The neo-liberal argument by Big Business is that the Australian Government has gone into debt because of increased welfare benefits. Therefore welfare benefits must be cut in order to restore the budget.

neoliberalism says that the market can resolve almost all social, economic and political problems. It holds that people are best served, and their prosperity is best advanced, by the minimum of intervention and spending by the state. It contends that we can maximise the general social interest through the pursuit of self-interest.

neo-liberalism aims to harness the natural world to the economic growth that has been destroying it. It chops and digs up nature and turns it into money.It is the complete opposite of protecting the natural world from the depredations of the economy.

There are two sides to a budget, expenditure and income. Neoliberals belive that Government income is stealing from them and it should be minimised, and spending on the less fortunate only creates leaners. Unfortunately if they kick the post over the unfortunate fall over, neo's don't give a shit about that!