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SA Labor: a political crisis « Previous | |Next »
July 4, 2014

SA Labor, after its return to government, has adopted a management tone of measured, controlled, rational adminstration. This confidence and competence has been thrown out of kilter with the toxic groundwater beneath Clovelly Park adjacent to the Monroe shock absorbers plant and the old Mitsubishi site; and the need to relocate the housing trust tenants from contaminated homes in order to protect their health, which is at risk due potential airborne carcinogen from the toxic groundwater pollution.

It is a political crisis because the he Government (and the Housing Trust and the council?) knew about the unduly high toxicity levels since May, and they hadn’t yet notified the residents. Presumably because the Weatherill Labor Government is confident residents’ health would not have been, and is unlikely to be adversely affected from exposure to trichloroethylene ((TCE)) at such relatively low levels.

Still government ministers have admitted they knew for weeks about rising levels of TCE in Clovelly Park houses, the need to relocate residents, and the lack of remediation. It's the delay and inaction in informing the housing trust tenants that gives rise to the political crisis.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 12:27 PM | | Comments (1)


It is an addded boon to have not one but two threads to choose from, as an invitation for posters to comment... this will surely amplify any criticisms posters have of the government, provided we think outside of the box and comment identically in both comment boxes.

As to the subject matter raised, it is likely that that old dog of a current government would have hoped "sitting mum" would have been the best way to start; after all, they employ the same sort of spin doctors as Abbott does.

Gary, your thread starter(s)did/ do not mention the extent or intensity of the contamination. I suppose this is because they have sat on the relevant info.

Who knows.. perhaps an as yet obscure FTA clause prevents them from imposing costs on corporate offenders, or maybe Abbott has threatened federal funding cuts if the companies involved are bought to book.

But it is true that Labor has behaved peculiarly in the pas t as to these sorts of situations. I remember without having the actual details at hand, then-Minister Conlon allowing a $50 million cleaning up bonus to Caltex for not cleaning up Pt Stanvac when the bonus should only have been applicable if Pt Stanvac had been cleaned up properly.

I've often felt that fifty million would have come in handy remediating the Actil site, obviating the necessity to destroy Saint Clair park for rack'n'stack housing.