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historical amnesia « Previous | |Next »
September 23, 2014

The Abbott Government continues to say that its intervention in the 3rd Iraq War is for humanitarian reasons. It is, the ministers say, a limited intervention to assist the Yazidi minority group in Iraq earlier this year after Isis attacked them. Now we have an estimated 100,000 Syrian Kurds fleeing Islamic State (Isis) advances across north-east Syria. Recall that the US armed IS to fight the Assad Syrian regime.

Does Australia step into help the Iraqi Kurds? Australia was only meant to be involved in Iraq not Syria, according to the Abbott Govt at the invitation of the Iraq Government. On the other hand, Abbott has said that Australia was committed to containing and degrading and destroying Isis to combat the threat posed by the IS terrorists. Does that mean there will be military action in Syria without the Syrian Government's cooperation? You don't send in the SAS to run humanitarian missions.

TandbergRIraqHoward.jpg Ron Tandberg

There is little acknowledgment by the Liberal party that the 2nd Iraq war had been "wrong", that Australia went to war under false pretences in Iraq, and that the destruction of Iraq has resulted in the emergence of IS, homegrown terrorism and Australians participating in terrorist activities in Iraq. For the Liberal party there are no lessons to be learned from the errors of the past, because there were no errors and there were no disastrous consequences of the previous military interventions.

Australia must stand tough and muscular with respect to its duties and obligations on the international stage. Cue Abbot striking his Churchillian pose of the grave demeanor and resolute tone to show that he is purposeful, unyielding, and courageously ready for the fight.

The United States and allies have launched airstrikes against Sunni militants in Syria , unleashing a cruise missiles and precision-guided bombs from the air and sea on the militants’ de facto capital of Raqqa, Syria, and along the porous Iraq border. The strikes represent a major turning point in the war against the Islamic State and opens up a risky new stage of the American military campaign.

It looks like the 3rd Iraqi war is going to be an open-ended conflict and obsequiousness will be Canberra’s response. So we have the Abbott government’s rapid escalation of our new involvement in Iraq going from a purely humanitarian mission to one where we appear to be joining the US in an open-ended civil war in the context of the West bearing significant responsibility for the catastrophic rise of ISIS from the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.

That history suggests that Western intervention will only make things worse rather than resolve the hideous aftermath of the last ones.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 10:28 AM | | Comments (11)


Liberal MP's are beating the drums of war to foster a mode of hysteria, as they trade away our liberties for security.

"Liberal MP's are beating the drums of war and trading away the liberties of Muslims for national security"

What emerges is the surveillance state.

You're missing the master plan, Gary. Apparently "they" (IS/ISIS) hate us because of our freedoms. By endlessly trading our freedoms away (as we've been doing for over 10 years now), we have far fewer freedom, meaning they will hate us less.

The Liberal Party rhetoric of "they (IS/ISIS) hate us because of our freedoms and of who we are etc" comes from the John Howard/ Bush era. It's the US Republican talking point from 9/11 being recycled.

No doubt War plans for Syria are being considered by the White House. US Military chiefs are talking about the need to consider combat-forces on the ground.

Where are they going to come from?

Australia has signed up to a US-led military campaign in Iraq and in Syria too. It is a struggle of good v evil says the Abbott Govt, but it is not a war.

What they have signed up to, as seen in the region, is not a clear battle-line between Isis and the rest of the civilised world. It is Sunni Arab states alongside western allies bombing radical Sunni Muslim targets inside Shia dominated Iraq and in Alawite led Syria.

The Abbott Govt is exploiting the emotions surrounding the terrorist arrests to erode liberty and increase state power, telling citizens that they will die if they do not meekly acquiesce. The mainstream media is being overtly fed images of fear and terror for entirely political reasons.

The politicians and the spooks sure are exploiting terrorism fears to seize greater power. They've been wanting these powers of surveillance for ages.

Glenn Greenwald identifies the Abbott Govt's master plan:

Australia’s Liberal Party Prime Minister Tony Abbott .... delivered a speech to the nation’s parliament that is a perfect distillation of the key post-9/11 pathologies of western democracies. It was a master class in how politicians shamelessly exploit terrorism fears to seize greater power.

He just came right out and candidly acknowledged his real purpose: to exploit the emotions surrounding the terrorist arrests to erode liberty and increase state power, telling citizens that they will die if they do not meekly acquiesce.

Abbott overtly squeezes every drop of fear he can to justify a wide array of new powers and spending splurges in the name of a risk that, mathematically speaking, is trivial to the average citizen.

Yes its clear. The solution is to blow them up. Its a win win situation. Ratings and Stats.

Meanwhile in the Oz "news"-paper his grey "eminence" Greg Sheridan tells us that there is no/zero/zilch connection between the 2003 shock-and-awe invasion of Iraq and what is now happening all over the Middle East.