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a diversionary tactic « Previous | |Next »
August 11, 2014

The Abbott Government continues to think of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS ) as a terrorist organization along the lines of Al Qaeda, thereby implying that it will conduct terrorist operations in the west and in Australia.

The Islamic State is in fact a state in a region where the European drawn boundaries, that used to mark out Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, are collapsing. The shape of this region is being redrawn by the Islamic State expanding its territory. The Sunni Muslims are using their army to establish their own systems of government in their own territory. Let them. Iraq can collapse.

RoweDMEdeath.jpg David Rowe

Despite the sabre rattling by the Abbott Government Australia will not fight the advance of ISIS. For what national interest reason would it do so? They will just hang onto the coat tails of the US which has just re-engaged militarily with the conflict in the region with its modest airstrikes to protect the Kurdish region.

I would doubt that the American public is keen on US military intervention in Syria or Iraq, even if GOP hawks call for immediate action to arm the rebels in Syria and to launch air strikes in Iraq. The US public is not likely to support another US war in the Middle East, even if the GOP resorts to the traditional Republican attack on Democrats: Obama is weak on national security. Despite the limits to US power the Republicans will exploit the problems overseas for maximum political gain at home.

So will the Coalition. It's a diversionary tactic; one that is designed to encourage Australians to become even more paranoid and xenophobic than they have already been encouraged to become. The justification for this exploitation will be national security.

Sacrifices need to be made and liberty curtailed because of the real or imagined threats to an idealised Australian way of life aliens (jihadists) living in our suburbs.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 10:01 AM | | Comments (9)


The Australian defence minister, David Johnston, has confirmed that Australia will not rule out providing military “back-up assistance” to the US in Iraq.

Why would the US want to return to Iraq?

"Australia will not rule out providing military “back-up assistance” to the US in Iraq"

Not quite. Kurdistan is indeed one of a handful of reliable allies of the United States in the Middle East. The status quo in Kurdistan also includes oil production by international firms. The American airstrikes are defending a Kurdish oil state.

The Abbott Govt is playing the counter-terrorism card in the name of national security. They have begun to feed the media with national security fears about terrorists germinating within our suburbs.

David Johnston looked like a retarded man they found at a bus stop today standing next to the Yank nodding and making strange facial contortions. Perhaps they have laser lobotomy machines now that don't leave scars coz I looked real close.

Iraq is disintegrating.

Iraq as a nation state, as we have known it, is not going to return.

The best case scenario is a much more decentralised country. The worst case scenario will be de facto partition, more civil war, more bloodshed and ethnic cleansing on a much wider scale.

The UN has suggested that military protection is necessary to save the lives of thousands of Yazidi people pinned down by Islamic State militants on the Sinjar mountain

The Coalition is starting to beat the drums of war. They are beating up the security issue to improve their position in the polls. They are increasingly using the argument about terrorism to collect and store personal data and information in the form of mass surveillance.

"Iraq can collapse."

The Iraqi state holds little meaning to many who live within it. Hence the success of IS to openly commit to tearing up the Sykes-Picot agreement circa 1916 in which the UK and France arbitrarily drew up the boundaries to further their imperial interests.