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January 27, 2011

I'm still trying to find the source of the light leaks whilst using the Cambo 5x7 monorail view camera. The possibilities of wrong lab processing and fogged film caused by loading the film holders in a leaky "darkroom" have been eliminated. The bellows is also fine. That leaves the camera body as the source.

I suspect that the lens board, which has a loose fit when slotted into the camera body, may well be the cause of the problem. I stumbled on that possible option when I was changing lens boards down at the rocks this morning.

CamboKingsBeach.jpg Gary Sauer-Thompson, on location, Kings Beach, Victor Harbor, 2011

Both lens boards moved slightly---too much I thought. Could this be the cause of the light leaks? I used the dark cloth over the bellows for the first shot of the rocks, then over the bellows and around the lens board for the second shot. So we will see when the films are developed by the lab.

This is the corner of the shoreline that I have been working in using the 5x7 Cambo to construct images of the detail of the landscape:

Gary Sauer-Thompson, near Kings Beach, Victor Harbor, 2011

I have to admit that lugging all the gear--camera in one hand tripod in the other, computer bag with film holders etc and a digital camera--down the cliff face via a little stream that cuts it way down the cliff face is a bit of a trudge. The "trudge" feels more like a workout.

streamKB.jpg Gary Sauer-Thompson, stream, near Kings Beach, Victor Harbor, 2011

Thank goodness for the daily workouts in the gym. There is just no way that I could get the 8x10 Cambo and its heavy duty tripod down to the shore to photograph the broader seascape--eg., the middle image. Maybe it could be done if I made several trips up and down the cliffs.

Digital is so much easier and far more convenient. I long for the day when digital medium format will become both a square format and financially accessible. I can dream on, when I'm doing the trudge.

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