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July 2, 2008

It's a case of walking backwards isn't it, when it comes to saving the River Murray. They--irrigators, river communities and state governments, are still looking back to the golden times, and hoping that they will return. History turns in circles apparently. What goes round comes round as it were.

dead tree, originally uploaded by poodly.

Too little, too late, and far too slow. That's my judgement on the big plans by the state and commonwealth governments to save the stricken reaches of the lower Murray River. It's mostly talk and little action, isn't it.

I'm going to try and get down to the Murray Mouth on the weekend if I can, and take some photos of what is going on down there. People are talking in terms of an ecological collapse of the lower Lakes and the Ramsar listed Corrong wetlands. Large format landscape photography, based on looking at the world through a groundglass, needs to engage with this issue rather than just express the beauty of the landscape in the sense of having moved the beyond the pretty picture.

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Nicely composed picture.

In March, Australia was experiencing a La Nina and it was looking like we were going to return to wet times. People had their hopes up.

But we've just been through one of the driest autumns and the second-driest May ever in terms of inflow. Unless we do something about the over allocation of water in the system, then we are in serious strife in South Australia.

thanks. It was taken several years ago with an old Leica. I had not even considered investing in a digital camera, nor even heard of Flickr. How things have changed! The new Web 2.0 media, in being so participatory, have really opened things up.

It's at least a couple of years since I took photos of the lower lakes and Murray mouth. I'm going to pull my old film camera out of the cupboard and start using a camera, tripod and darkcloth again.

If photography means something more than self-expression and beauty, then it needs to say something critical about this state of affairs. It needs to show and interpret, what is happening.