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September 11, 2013

One of the photographers that I have a lot of respect for on Flickr is metroblossom, namely the Chicago photographer David Schalliol. He is the founder and editor of Metroblossom and Managing Editor of Gapers Block

I really love, and I'm fascinated by, his isolated buildings project:

SchalliolDIsolatedbuilding.jpg David Schalliol, Residential Building (Camden, New Jersey), digital chromogenic print

Schalliol is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Sociology at the University of Chicago and his photographic work seem to revolve tightly around his research in that department. Neighborhoods, buildings, inhabitants and structure are all at the core of David's work.

He studies neighborhoods around Chicago and the rest of the country, and how government agencies are gentrifying areas and how residents of those areas are adapting to the changes that inevitably follow.

I also love his urbanscapes, for instance his photographs of the original Chicago Housing Authority Brooks Homes built in 1951:

SChalliolDLoomis.jpg David Schalliol, The View Northeast from Chicago Housing Authority's (CHA's) Loomis Homes, 2009

The Chicago Housing Authority is the municipal agency that since the late 1930s has directed the planning and development of the city's public housing to provide publicly funded housing for the impoverished.

This is a photography that is linked to social stratification and meaning- concentrating on the South Side and West Side of Chicago, looking at what’s been happening in the neighborhoods that have been most affected by industrialization, racial change and so on.

Another example of his urbanscape is his photographs of silos or grain elevators:

SchalliolDGrainElevators .jpg href="">David Schalliol, grain elevator, Buffalo, New York, 2013

These photos are often made on his travels to conferences, in this case one associated with The Society of Architectural Historians.

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